Marples Sweet Shop

Horsforth is a Fairtrade town and at the top of Town Street (number 118) you’ll find Marples Sweet shop. It’s stuffed full of super buys for Christmas including a lovely stock of Fairtrade chocolates which would make ideal Christmas presents.

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Staying in Leeds on the way to COP26

This is Pushpanath Krishnamurthy who is a climate activist. He is on his way to COP26. On the way he stopped over in Leeds. He “took the knee” in Millenium Square and met with other activists in the Oxfam Bookshop in Headingley. He also met Alex Sobel MP for Leeds NW and had a good conversation about climate change.

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Climate Action Leeds

Sorry folks, we’re a bit late with this but there are some really interesting events still to go to, see

Don’t miss the Zoom meeting on Thursday 14th October from 7 – 8pm . Topic is Climate Policies of the North.

As Fairtraders we all are well aware that our carbon footprint extends to all the countries we rely on for our food. By helping farmers in developing countries to adapt, by buying Fairtrade products, we are helping them to cope with a changing climate. That means that while we live in Leeds, we try to limit our impact on the earth, both in our city and world wide.

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Great Big Green Week

The GREAT BIG GREEN WEEK begins on Saturday 18th September and lasts till 26th September .

Large numbers of people are getting busy to show their leaders that they want immediate action to combat climate change throughout the world. They want the wealthy countries to help the less developed countries.

We Fairtraders know only too well the problems that farmers in the developing world are coping with. We also know that everytime we buy something with the Fairtrade mark, we are helping farmers to earn a living wage and also have the knowhow to protect their crops.

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Our New Banner


We’re very proud of our banner. Hopefully we can use it at venues in the summer.

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learning about cotton

Leeds DEC had a wonderful morning with Year 2 pupils at Bramley St Peters in March, just the second day after the children were back in school after lockdown. The pupils learnt about the Journey of cotton and how Fairtrade can benefit farmers, as part of their topic on plants. The children were delighted to meet surprise guest Girrafacita the West African giraffe, who introduced children to everyday products that contain cotton (including her new sun hat!) The children finished the workshop by creating their own sock puppets to re-tell the cotton story.

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Fairtrade Easter eggs

This Easter, make sure you buy Fairtrade Easter eggs, so that it’s a treat for the recipient, and at the same time you’re helping farmers earn a fair price for their cocoa.

First, you can buy Fairtrade Easter eggs from There are six items to choose from including a vegan raspberry egg, which sounds moreish.

Second, you can buy Divine Easter eggs on as well as Traidcraft’s “Real Easter Eggs”

Locally there is the Cooperative Society where I counted 7 different designs of Fairtrade Easter eggs – well done Coop! There were some Malteser Easter eggs. Although Maltesers are Fairtrade, I’m not sure whether the Easter eggs are. Maybe someone can tell me.

At Lidl I counted at least 12 Fairtrade Easter treats on Lidl’s website, which is really splendid, especially as so many children learn about Fairtrade at school.

At Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda – how many Fairtrade Easter eggs? I couldn’t find any! This is really disappointing. Let us know what you find when you go shopping for Easter treats.

Have a lovely Easter – enjoy your Easter treats, and keep on being fair to farmers.

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Here’s another Fairtrade event.

Guiseley Baptist church is holding a virtual coffee morning on Saturday

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Family Fun Quiz

Well done everybody who completed the quiz. Here are the answers

  1. Which of these can be bought with the Fairtrade mark? Tea, coffee, roses, honey, rice, sugar, cocoa or gold – ans, all of them
  2. Can you name two countries where bananas come from? – ans, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ghana, El Salvador, ‘Dominican Republic
  3. What does the Fairtrade mark look like to you? – ans, most people see a person against the sky and land. Some people can see a parrot or even a dolphin!
  4. When did Leeds become a Fairtrade City? – ans, 2004
  5. What do places of worship have to do to get Fairtrade status? – ans, they have to use Fairtrade products in the church and support Fairtrade Fortnight.
  6. Which two countries grow the most cocoa? – ans, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire
  7. Most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate, true or false. ans, – true.

THANK YOU for supporting Fairtrade, every time you buy something with the Fairtrade mark, you are helping a family to prosper and work their way out of poverty.

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Sunday’s question

Good morning – here is your last question, question number 7 in our FAMILY FUN QUIZ

Most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate. Is this true or false?

Now you have answered all seven questions please send your answers to us. Go to our contact us page. You will see our email address. Click on it (it will then ask you to choose one of two email addresses, choose the and send us your seven answers. Don’t forget to put your address and a contact phone number.

We will send some chocolate treats to the first 5 correct entries.

We will put the correct answers here on Tuesday. Good luck

If for any reason you can’t get through, phone 0113 2564874

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