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Leeds became a Fairtrade City in March 2004,

To become a Fairtrade City, Leeds City Council had to pass a resolution to support Fairtrade and to serve Fairtrade drinks at all its meetings.  The Council has also been on hand to give help and advice and has offered premises to help with schools events which have been very successful. Leeds has also had a great deal of  practical support  from the University of Leeds. We are very grateful for the support of the Council and the University over the last 17 years.

In addition a good proportion of shops, supermarkets and cafes in the city.  have to offer Fairtrade products. Please look on our shops and cafe pages to see where these are. 

A Fairtrade City also needs a steering group of volunteers who work to promote understanding of Fairtrade by holding events and offering advice.  

What is Fairtrade

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When you see the FAIRTRADE mark on any product, you can be sure that the farmers who produced it are guaranteed a fair price for their crop which covers production costs. They also receive a premium that they can invest in projects to benefit their communities, such as education and health care. The farmers earn enough to look after their families properly and plan for the future. The Fairtrade mark can now be found on over 3000 products from more than 200 companies.

In the UK the Fairtrade Foundation is the main organising and licensing body. They are an independent non-profit organisation. For more information on Fairtrade visit the Fairtrade Foundation’s website.

About the Leeds Fairtrade City Steering Group

The Fairtrade Leeds website is run by the Leeds Fairtrade City Steering Group. The Steering Group is composed of volunteers from different  sectors of the community. Their job is to work together to promote Fairtrade within the city. They work with schools and youth groups, and hold campaigning events throughout the year.   Members are also available to give talks about Fairtrade to any groups in the City.

How can I help?

If you’re wondering what you can do, the answer is simple: buy Fairtrade products, and so create a demand for them. If you go into a shop, cafe or restaurant and you don’t see Fairtrade products, ask for them! Businesses respond to the demands of their customers.

If you want to take it a step further then you can get involved here in Leeds – we’re always looking for volunteers! Visit the Get Involved page for more information.